Marketing Strategies That Include SMS

Digital marketing is not a new concept. Websites have had pop-up boxes that allow browsers and customers to leave an email address to get information, sales announcements, and regular newsletters. Free programs, such as Google My Business Messaging, provide tools needed to build a website, update business profiles, engage customers, and track useful information. Pictures can be added to increase sales and attract new customers.

Social media pages are still the best way to reach targeted audiences based on their interests. Businesses without social media involvement do not enjoy a strong internet presence even if they have an excellent and interactive website. It is a combination of techniques that make success more likely.

What Is New

The latest trend in digital marketing is reaching customer via SMS, which stands for short message services. In everyday terms, it means business owners can send and receive text messages to communicate with customers. Texting is becoming a preferred method of communication with a 99% open rate. An email can be left unopened for days or simply be deleted without being opened at all.

Capturing the attention is the goal of any marketing strategy, and text messages accomplish that faster than any other form of communication. The trend is gaining in popularity so fast that google my business messaging has included a new mobile application that is compatible with sending texts. Managing those texts, along with other digital forms of communication, requires a messaging platform to save time and answer every text received.

A Platform

The right platform, such as Podium, makes it easy to manage conversations, assign texts to other staff, program automatic responses, and gain insights from the collected data. Discover which pictures inspired the most responses. Engage loyal customers for retention purposes and attract new customers with special promotions and coupons right on their mobile phones. If a new customer makes a reservation for dinner at the restaurant, for example, a coupon that applies discounts to the total bill can be texted to the phone. When the customer goes to pay the bill, a quick scan of the coupon is all that is needed.

Make Comparisons

There are many platforms available so compare pricing and services. Request a free demonstration of the product and determine if it can be scaled up or down to suit the unique needs of your business. It makes no sense to pay a high price for a product that serves the needs of all sized businesses when the owner has a small business. Customized services can accommodate the business size, preferred indicators for benchmarking, and be integrated into current business systems.


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